nuphy Air75 Mechanical Keyboard V2

The Nuphy Air75 originally blew up on Instagram, thanks to its neat, colorful look and its buddy-buddy relationship with Macs. It wasn’t just about looking good for the ‘gram though; this keyboard came out swinging as one of the first skinny ones to rock solid PBT keycaps that caught every keyboard lover’s and influencer’s attention.

Now, Nuphy’s gone and done it again, dropping the Air75 V2 without kicking back and coasting on past success. On the outside, it’s like, “Hey, I know you,” but flip the hood, and you’ve got yourself a beefier battery, slicker wireless action, a sturdier build, and a smoother typing jam. Plus, it’s leading the pack as the first wireless keyboard that lets you tweak its brain with QMK/VIA programming. So yeah, Nuphy’s been listening to the keyboard geeks out there and is aiming to have the Air75 V2 steal the spotlight as one of the top wireless keyboards on the market.

nuphy Air75 V2

Air75 is an innovative, the thinnest mechanical keyboard on the market, use 75% layout (84 keys), thanks to the ultra-thin aluminum frame and advanced aluminum alloy stamping process, the thinnest point is only 16 mm. Like the membrane keyboard, there is no need for a wrist rest, and long-time use will not cause damage to the wrist.


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