Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Single Ladies

For the Single Ladies on Valentine’s day: You don’t need to wait for someone else to get you a gift when you can get one yourself. Best of all, you know what you’ll be getting. (Surprises are reserved for those spending Valentine’s Day with someone special.)

Top Gift Ideas for Single Ladies on Valentine’s Day

  1. Everlasting Flowers
    DCI Bloom Utensil Set
    Forget those edible flowers or overpriced roses, they’re just a symbol of over-commercialized corporate greed and marketing. Flowers die and wilt away, useful kitchen tools last forever (or at least as long as what you’d expect from things Made in China).
  2. Romantic Dinner For One
    Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker
    Candlelit fondue dinner might be too romantic for a depressing dinner alone, so get an electric fondue kit. Unlike a significant other, it’ll always be there and ready.
  3. Romantic Music
    Music is a gateway into your past memories and experiences; create a new experience this Valentine’s Day. Find music that reflects how you’re truly feeling on the inside. You can be yourself and realize that there are those out there that understand exactly how you’re feeling.
    All By Myself –  Glee Cast Version
    Mr. Lonely – Bobby Vinton
    You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift
    Tired of Being Alone – Al Green
  4. Romantic Film

    Who needs reality when you’ve got the wonderful world of cinema? Mr. Perfect exists in two flavours: Team Edward and Team Jacob (with six pack abs in full HD). You could even pause the movie to talk about your feelings.

  5. Sexy Lingerie
    Hot Pink Bikini Cover up T-shirt Lady's Fun Wear
    Nothing screams female empowerment like sexy restrictive feminine clothing that accentuates your figure (or lack thereof). You should feel sexy while thinking of that special someone whom is definitely missing out. Best of all, one size fits all.
  6. The Perfect Gentleman
    East Side Collection Yappily Ever AFooter Groom Tuxedo

    People say that gentlemen are a dying breed and it is hard to find a polite, well mannered and dressed man (Who is also 6’2, rich, handsome and successful). You don’t need a frog when you’ve got Mr. Bangles immaculately dressed in a tuxedo. He’ll always be there for you (or at least until he comes across a ball of yarn).
  7. Sweetheart Candy
    Wilton Candy Necklace Kit

    When was the last time a guy gave you jewellery? (Yea there was the candy valentine necklace from third grade!) Relive those wonderful memories with a candy necklace kit. Hours of loneliness will pass away in no time while you’re making it yourself.
  8. Sensual Massage Oil
    Kama Sutra Massage Oils, Set of Five

    Why pay for an expensive trip to the spa when you can get the one finger discount version and be one with yourself with these tantric massage oils while you listen to Touch My Body – Mariah Carey.
  9. Romantic Card
    Valentine's Day Anti-Cards
    There’s a Hallmark card for every moment in life, even those moments where you’re spending V-Day by yourself with half a pint of chocolate ice cream and a copy of The Notebook.
  10. A Warm Embrace
    Deluxe Comfort Boyfriend Body Pillow

    Usually it’s hard to get your boyfriend to put down his Xbox controller and cuddle.  But you don’t need him anymore–you can now get the comfort of a warm embrace whenever you want.
  11. Bonus: Realistic Expectations
    Who are you kidding? At the end of the day the most practical Valentines gift you can get yourself is realistic expectations.  Otherwise, have a good time alone with the Fifty Shades Trilogy:  Boxed Set.

P.S. We’ll make fun of the single guys next year. We just figured a list of the best hand lotions, tissues, and Victoria’s Secret catalogs would be too boring.


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